Turning your old photos in to digital files is the best way to ensure that they are preserved for the future. Once your photos are digitized, they are easy to share with all your family and friends. We carefully scan all your photos, keeping them in order with corresponding file numbering. You will receive a data disc will all your photos in JPEG file format. These files can be easily printed, emailed or posted to social media. If you wish, we can make a DVD movie/slideshow of your photos. This DVD can be played in any standard DVD player, so you can sit back and watch a slide show of all of your photos. Virtually any size photo can be scanned– if you’re not sure, just ask!

1-99………...95¢ each. 

100-249…..75¢ each

250-499…..55¢ each.

500-999…..45¢ each

1,000-UP…35¢ each

(Please note that there will be an additional charge for photos in frames/albums & those larger than 8″x10″)