Slides Digitized and Recorded to DVD

Process: Slides are removed from carousel or boxes and loaded into a Hi-Resolution slide scanner. Slides are individually scanned and edited for color, sizing and minor blemishes.  Slides are saved onto a DVD in  jpeg file format for easy sharing over email or social media. A DVD slideshow can also be created from the slides, complete with easy-listening background music, chapter breaks right where you specify, and the ability to play on most DVD players and computers.

1-99………..95¢ each (Additional 10¢ each for 126 & 127 slides)

100-249…..85¢ each

250-499…..75¢ each

500-999…..55¢ each

1,000-UP…45¢ each

Get all your files plus a computer friendly MP4 video file on a USB Thumb drive

for an additional $35.