Video Tapes

Video Tape Converted Directly to DVD

Formats: VHS, SVHS, VHSC, 8mm, Hi, 8mm, Digital 8mm, DVC, DV, Beta Max, Beta Cam, 3/4 Umatic.

Process: Video Tapes are recorded directly to DVD with a maximum of 2 hours per DVD. Tapes longer than 2 hours will be burned onto multiple DVD’s. Chapters are added to the DVD to allow you to navigate the DVD using the “Next’ button on your remote. If not already clearly and sensibly labeled, each video tape will be assigned a number which will correspond to the applicable finished DVD. We can also provide you a specialized marker made to write on DVDs so that you can label the DVDs as you like for a small fee.

Finished Product: We offer a variety of cases for you to choose from. Simple paper sleeves are included in the cost below. Plastic cases offering varying levels of protection can be provided at additional cost. We suggest that you back up your DVD’s discs are susceptible to scratches and damage. We will gladly provide backup copies at prices listed below.

Cost: Tapes are volume discounted. Formats maybe be mixed, but please note the additional cost for non-VHS formats. Tapes longer than 2 hours may incur additional costs also.

VHS, 8mm formats: 1-10 Tapes – $20, 11-25 – $18, 26-40 – $16, 41-60 – $14, 60-100 – $12, 100+ – $10

Other Formats (BetaMax, BetaCam, 3/4 Umatic, DVC, DV): add $5 per tape

Copies are $5 per tape at the time of conversion.